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CEO Greeting

"Contribution to the healthy life of mankind
liberated from infectious diseases"
ceo greeting
Human beings have been suffering from the various infectious diseases since the history of evolution of mankind. By virtue of the development of the modern medicines, many diseases have been possibly overcome and cured. Nevertheless, lots of more unpredictable and untreatable diseases still exist. Even though human beings, the superior form of all creations, are still suffering from the lower microorganisms such as viruses, enough solutions are not available from the current modern medicines regretfully.
ImmuneMed has put its research efforts into discovering the new potent antiviral therapeutics to overcome the limitations of the conventional antiviral drugs. As a result of strenuous research activities, the company has miraculously discovered several antiviral substances. One of them is named as VSF(currently, burfiralimab) which shows superior antiviral activities exceeding those of previously known antiviral substances such as interferon. Burfiralimab is expected to show an unprecedented and potent broad-spectrum antiviral activities.

CEO of ImmuneMed, Inc.