No.Name of the Program (Enforcement Departments/ Agencies)Name of the ProjectProject Completion PeriodTotal Cost (A Million Won)Status
17Project for GangWon knowledge economy economic region leading industry.Development of SNP Diagnostic Kits by the application of linear SNP detection systemJune 01, 2012 April 30, 20151,160Ongoing Project
16Project for Regional Innovative Center (Center for efficacy assessment and development of functional foods and drugs)Clinical Study and KFDA Approval of Scrub Typhus Diagnostic KitMarch 01, 2012 February 28, 2014114Ongoing Project
15Industrial Property Business (Korea Industrial Complex Corporation , Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)Development of diagnostic kit with rapid and accurate early detection of leptospirosis. July 1, 2011 June 30, 2012266Ongoing Project
14Project of the Development of Small and Medium Business (Small and Medium Business Administration)Development of cell line with high expression and antiviral drug of the humanized antiviral antibody drugJune 1, 2011 May 31, 2013512Ongoing Project
13Project for the Development of Regional Industrial Technology KIAT(Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology)Development of humanized antibody for new antiviralApr 1, 2011 Mar 31, 2013512Ongoing Project
12Industry-Academy Collaboration for Technology Development (Industrial Technology Foundation)Development of suppression techniques for the immunological side effects in the application of VSF (Virus Suppressing Factor) for viral diseaseJune 1, 2011 May 5, 2013495Ongoing Project
11RIC (Regional Innovative Center) (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)Quality management of kit for AFI (Acute Febrile Illness) diagnostic kitMar 1, 2010 Feb 28, 2012102Ongoing Project
10Corporate Affiliated Institute Support Program (Industrial Technology Foundation)Study of the production increase of antigens of AFI (Acute Febrile Illness) diagnostic kitJune 1, 2009~ May 31, 2011384Ongoing Project
9Regional Technology Development Project (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)Development of mass production technology of AFI (Acute Febrile Illness) diagnostic antigensDec 1, 2008~ Sept 30, 2010453Ongoing Project
8Industry and Academic Consortium Technology Development Project (Industrial Technology Foundation)In vivo study of novel VSF (Virus Suppressing Factor) and development of anti-viral drugJul 1, 2008~ June 30, 2010416Ongoing Project
7RIC (Regional Innovative Center) ProjectPerformance & effectiveness study on AFI (Acute Febrile Illness) diagnostic kitMar 1, 2008~ Feb 28, 201084Successfully Completed
6Local Industry Technology Development Project (Ministry of Commerce)Development of humanized antiviral materialsOct 1, 2006~ Jul 31, 2008520Successfully Completed
5Nurture Regional Innovation Projects (Industrial Technology Foundation)Screening of novel anti-viral factor and development of antiviral drug by the production of recombinant proteinMay 1, 2006~ Apr 30, 2009339Successfully Completed
4Key Technology Development (Ministry of Commerce)Development of the highly reproducible biochip technology and small device for on-site testingDec 1, 2004~ Nov 30, 2008 800Successfully Completed
3Small Business Technology and Innovation Development Project (Industrial Technology Foundation)Functional study of novel VSF for the therapy of viral diseasesDec 1, 2005~ Nov 30, 200689Successfully Completed
2Regional Specific Technology Development Business (Ministry of Commerce) Development of simultaneous detection kit for AFI (Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis)Sept 1, 2004~ Aug 31, 2006293Successfully Completed
1Health and Medical Technology Research and Development Projects (The Ministry of Health and Welfare)Development of rapid and accurate diagnostic kit for HFRS (Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome)May 1, 2004~ Apr 30, 2005131Successfully Completed