CEO Greetings

Founder Message

Human beings have been suffering from the various infectious diseases since the history of evolution of mankind. By the virtue of the development of the modern medicine, many diseases have been possible to overcome.

Nevertheless, many more unpredictable and untreatable diseases still exist. Even though human beings, the superior form of all creations, are still suffering from the lower microorganisms such as viruses, not enough solutions are provided from the current modern medicine regretfully.
As a scientist, I have put all my research efforts into discovering the new potent antiviral therapeutics to overcome the limitation of the conventional antiviral drugs.As a result of strenuous 20 years research, miraculously, I have discovered several antiviral substances. One of them is named VSF (Virus Suppressing Factor) which shows superior antiviral activities exceeding those of previously known antiviral substances such as interferon. VSF (Virus Suppressing Factor) is expected to show an unprecedented, potent broad spectrum of antiviral activity.

I think that the development of VSF (Virus Suppressing Factor) as a therapeutic drug could be an unparalleled breakthrough in the treatment of incurable viral diseases of modern times.

Being free from infectious diseases has been ImmuneMed’s core corporate objective. We believe that VSF (Virus Suppressing Factor) will be a breakthrough in the near future to improve human health. I am proud to announce that our dedicated team of researchers is working strenuously in order to open a new break through era of antiviral therapy for the betterment of healthier human life.

CEO Profile

2011 – Present The Korean Society for Microbiology Vice President.
2000 – Present Committee member of the Korea Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council.
1997 – 2003 President of Hallym Institute of Medical Science.
1993 – Present Editor of Korean Society of Microbiology.
1993 – 1994 Registered in Who’s Who in the World by individual achievement
(For the discovery of antiviral substance).
1990- Present Dongshin-SmithKline Award (For the discovery of antiviral substance).
1998- 1989 Visiting Professor at Calgary University, in Canada.
1987- Present Became Professor at Hallym University
(Department of Microbiology/ School of Medicine).
1987 Earned PhD from Seoul National University
(Microbiology/ School of Medicine).
1981 Graduated from Seoul National University (MD/ School of Medicine).